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Faria & Brother Ltd was born in Leiria in 1956 and its roots link to the first shoe last company set up in Portugal in 1937 in the same city.
It is the oldest shoe last company still operating in Portugal.
In the 80's, of the last century, it created two branches in areas of high shoe representation: Farias Lda e Santos e Pereira Lda.
Thus the group Faria & Brother was born.
Its goals are: competent technical services, speed, loyalty and make every client a friend.


The Group Faria & Brother has always sought to carry out its activity, respecting values and professional ethics.
In these set of values we include, among others, the respect for the human being, the respect for professional secrecy and the scrupulous respect for the commitments made.

Social Responsibility

The Group Faria & Brother assumes the social inclusion, namely employment and training.
Dignity in labour conditions and commitments in the community where we are located are taken into account by us.

Fact Sheet

1st Factory



São João da Madeira